Retail is intricate and evolving fast. Growing companies and even multinational supermarkets need simplified, integrated solutions that can help them move faster, service better, and scale exponentially. This is where MaXim POS Retail comes into play. We, at MaXim POS Retail, aim to provide you with end-to-end technology-powered POS solutions to fulfill your need of streamlining your business.

MaXim POS Retail is one of the most trusted premier software providers focused on solving major supply chain accounting, distribution, and sales challenges for retailers ranging from small-town grocery stores, mid-sized hypermarkets to full-fledged supermarkets in Oman.

Our Story

MaXim POS Retail is a by-product of a large technology solution provider, AI Kays International. It all started 13 years ago when our founder Sunnil Gandhi saw a vacuum in the retail industry. He then ideated and developed a complete POS system that could help run and streamline retail businesses, irrespective of the size and style. Today, after over a decade of building customer relationships, the company has expanded its presence to over a thousand retail stores in Oman.

We, at MaXim POS Retail, are focused and committed to set up retailers for smooth selling with our easy-to-use retail POS software and hardware solutions. The 30+ years of collaborative experience, local presence, and exceptional reach are what allows us to integrate with your in-store inventory and sales management seamlessly.

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Our Mission

“Making retail better for every retailer.”

We enable businesses to achieve independence and confidence by helping them start, run, and manage their operations. How? By solving major retail challenges of supermarkets, hypermarkets, and departmental stores.

Our Vision

Our vision is simple - To automate and streamline every retail outlet in Oman and beyond.

We also envision ourselves as the number one on-premise retail software service provider. We aim to do this by building exceptional retail POS software with end-to-end integration capabilities.

Objectives of MaXim Retail POS

Our Aim? To Power Every Retailer in Oman. How?
By MaXimizing Revenue

Perishable goods can prove to be the stinkiest cheese of your grocery store or supermarket. The solutions offered by MaXim POS Retail come with an expiry indicator, which means every time a product is about to go bad or run out of stock, you’ll receive a notification. This can significantly lower rates for expired products and, of course, unsatisfied customers, ultimately increasing revenue.

Building Customer Relationships

Faster processing at the counter = smaller queues = more customers. From weighing scale integration to faster barcode scanners, MaXim Retail POS can revolutionize your checkout process in just one week. That’s all we need to set up the entire hardware-software POS system.

Customer Loyalty MaXimization

Customer loyalty is going to be the next most competitive battleground. We, at MaXim POS Retail aim, to help you win this battle. MaXim POS Retail has options for discounts, vouchers, coupons, and other offers. So you can offer shopper loyalty rewards every time a customer returns to your store.

Scaling Up Your Business

When your systems are streamlined and integrated, it’s like November 18 all the way (for your business). The 360-degree solutions from MaXim POS Retail can not only help you simplify processes but also scale and grow your business. Ranging from inventory management, sales, marketing, accounting, or even HR, we take care of everything!

Staff Management

MaXim POS Retail software tracks all user activity down to the minutest detail, and the audit trails can be easily exported in the preferred format for detailed analysis. This way, you can instill security checks and keep track of every staff member, including their session timings.

Informed Decision Making

MaXim POS Retail software comes with 100+ built-in reports for every activity or process ranging from reorder level quantity, inventory to profit, expenses, and sales. The best part? You can fetch these reports at the click of a button and make data-driven decisions.

Our Team